The World's best tasting tender Beef

The World's best tasting tender wagyu beef

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Why Wagyu Beef?

Church Farm near Tetbury has been in Mike Tucker’s family for over three generations. Once an award winning dairy farm, Mike has sought to diversify and is now on a mission. He is also the cartier replica newly appointed chairman of the Wagyu Breeders Association (WBA) ?please visit our news section for latest updates.

Having been an accomplished event rider, coming second at the 1983 world famous Badminton Horse Trials and twice picked to represent GB in the European Championships Mike is unquestionably determined and focused. He is of course though most recognized as ‘the voice’ of both the equestrian and agricultural worlds, regularly commentating for Sky Television and the BBC.     

It was, in fact, while commentating at the Beijing-Hong Kong Olympics in 2008 that Mike first tasted this incredible meat and realized its unique and outstanding characteristics would be well received in Britain. He was further enthused by meeting Wayne and David Parfitt, successful restaurateurs living in Hong Kong, who having built up a chain of Wagyu outlets in Australia and all over Asia, convinced him this product was exceptional.

  • The story of Wagyu was fascinating. It only came out of Japan in the 1970’s and was regarded as a ‘national treasure’ and vehemently protected for export by the Japanese Government. Mike was intrigued but inspired. By April 2010 he had his first pedigree Wagyu, bought from farmers Rob Cumine and Rob Pratt and has continued to steadily expand his ‘Newnton’ herd ever since.

    The first famous blood lines out of Japan went to America in the 1970’s and then Australia followed in the 1990’s, both quickly expanding and becoming influential in their respective beef industries.

  • platterAustralia though, through it’s own Wagyu Breed Society has become a world leader developing the unique attributes to become not only influential in the whole beef sector but also a major exporter of Wagyu to the USA, the EU, Asia including Japan itself and indeed many other countries.

    On a trip to Australia Mike was extremely impressed with the work that the society was doing and signed up as a member so he was able to keep up with the considerable progress being made.

  • The expertise surrounding the production of Wagyu beef in Australia is now an accomplished and superb set of production techniques yielding global premium products as evidenced by the furnishing of Australian Wagyu beef at an Oscar’s Dinner in Hollywood.

    The established Wagyu market in Australia now commands ‘significant’ price premiums over and above any other beef breeds.

    The Newnton Herd now takes full advantage of all that’s best of Australian Wagyu
    genetic know how.

    Mike not only believes the quality is unprecedented but also convinced that the breed offers human health benefits together with a tenderness and taste not often seen on such a consistent basis in British beef. Indeed in Australia the breed has been crossed onto other breeds to improve beef quality and that seems to be the case here in Britain too.

    They can graze the Cotswold’s lush green grass at Church Farm in summer and eat the homegrown forage indoors during the winter.

    It’s natural, sustainable and the result is
    amazingly tender and wonderful beef.

Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker