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The World's best tasting tender wagyu beef

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  • Mike Tucker, newly appointed chairman of the Wagyu Breeders Association (WBA), invites all interested parties to their official launch.

    Wagyu Breeders Association Launch 11-12 November 2014

    The formal launch will take place in and around Tetbury, Gloucestershire on 11th-12th November 2014 and is open to all interested parties drawn from pedigree breeders, commercial producers, butchers, chefs, restaurateurs, wholesalers, retailers, press as well as the wider UK beef industry.

    Wagyu cattle originate from Japan and the first exports began in the 1970s to the United States, followed by Australia in the 1990s and more recently to the UK where a core group of breeders, commercial producers, butchers and restaurateurs specialise in what is widely held to be the world’s finest-tasting beef. Building upon this relatively small but important foundation, a number of breeders and enthusiasts from around the UK have come together to establish the Wagyu Breeders Association Ltd.

    As Chairman, I am part of a five-strong team of Directors comprising: Jonathan Shepherd of Wold Beef Solutions; Jim Bloom of the Yorkshire Wagyu Company; Wagyu breeder Pearce Hughes from North Wales; together with Martine Chapman of Highland Wagyu, the UK’s largest producer of Wagyu livestock.

    An informal ‘Wagyu & Wine’ reception on the evening of Tuesday 11th November will be followed on the Wednesday morning by a series of short presentations to include: the aims of the WBA; a technical and genetics paper; commercial feeding and rearing; beef marketing as well as a cookery demonstration by a top chef. The afternoon will see a farm visit incorporating Wagyu pure and crossbred cattle together with a scanning demonstration looking at eye muscle, fat and the renowned Wagyu marbling. Keynote speaker is Rob Cumine, Agriculture Manager at Coles Supermarket (Australia) and founder of Clearview Farming in Pembrokeshire ?a combination which gives him a unique insight into Wagyu genetics having been involved in breeding programmes both in Australia and the UK.

    I very much hope that you will wish to be part of this exciting new venture and firmly believe that the newly-established Wagyu Breeders Association can help sustain a profitable future for British farmers and add value to all sectors of the supply chain. Our aim is to provide a voice for all those with an interest in continuing the Wagyu ‘story’, to develop a British Wagyu ‘BlackGold’ beef brand, and to work on behalf of all Members towards these common goals.

    Further information on the Wagyu Breeders Association please visit

    If you would like to attend the WBA Launch on 11-12 November, please complete the ‘Book Now’ section on the website home page, email or telephone me on 01666-502352.

    I look forward to seeing you there.

    Mike Tucker


  • 1NEWNTON DOUGIE - (born 3.10.11) by Lochinvar Douglas out of a pure bred American Wagyu cow bought from the Rodborough Estate sale of their herd but without papers.   Lochinvar Douglas is an Australian full blood sire.  Stock bull at the Newnton herd for the last two years with some promising F1s on the ground from Angus cows, very fertile with healthy calves and calving very easily.       £2000 asked.

    2ONE OF THE 2 FULL BROTHERS (NEWNTON FUKUTSURU OR NEWNTON FUKUTSURU 2) - one born March 2013 and the other at the end of July 2013 are for sale.

    Sired by Takeda Farms Fukutsuru TF004 who is a son of Fukutsuru 068 noted for his marbling ability.  His heifers too have potential to increase milk.

    The Dam is Lake Wagyu C 143 who is a large well framed cow.  Calves from this cow have the potential for confirmation, milk and carcase quality.

    3 NEWNTON KAZU - born 2nd September 2013 is a full blood by Takeda Farm Fukutsuru 004 and out of Lake Wagyu E1.

    Qualities of Fukutsuru 004 are shown above but the dam here is Lake Wagyu E1 by Itozurdoi out of an Itomoritaka dam.  Two sires highly sort after.  Produce of this mating are expected to produce well balanced animals capable of producing top carcases.

    4 NEWNTON TANAKA - born 1st September 2013 is a full blood by Fukutsuru 004 and out of Lake Wagyu E3, who is a full sister to Lake Wagyu E1.  So the qualities expected should be very similar to that of the pedigree Newnton Kazou.

    The full bloods can produce F1s that can be registered to start a grading up process to the full blood animal.  £3000 asked for the full bloods and they are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association.


  • We are pleased to announce the first two embryos to calve for the Newnton Herd.

    These calves were sired by Takeda Farm’s Fukutsuru TF004. He is a son of Fukutsuru 068 the highest-ranking bull for marbling on Washington University's evaluation of Wagyu Sires. He will have great potential to add marbling to the meat of his offspring. His heifers have better milk than the famous Michifuku, 068’s main opposition in the race to be the top marbling bull.

    Dams Lake Wagyu C143 is a large well-framed cow with good fleshing and an excellent temperament. She was sired by Westholme 001(Hirashige - Tayasu) one of the largest of the wagyu sires. TF004 will contribute excellent marbling and Westholme 001 will contribute frame, scale and meat volume. Calves from this cross will have excellent conformation, heifers will have adequate milk and carcase quality will be excellent

    Lake Wagyu E3 and Lake Wagyu E1 were both sired by Itozurudoi. He is a beautifully balanced bull much in demand in the USA. Unfortunately he is no longer alive. He has been cloned and his cloned sons are being evaluated. Itozurudoi has produced excellent well balanced dams. Both donors are daughters of Itomoritaka (Westholme /span 002), one of the largest of the Westholme bulls. Progeny of these donors sired by Itozurudoi will be excellent, well balanced animals capable of producing top carcases and the heifers will make outstanding foundation cows in a wagyu stud. Itozurudoi daughters are much in demand for breeding.

    Of these two calves the bull is out of Lake Wagyu C143 and the heifer out of Lake Wagyu E.   exciting times ahead!


  • Friday saw the launch of the wagyuGB website in the beautifully restored barn of Vinotopia, the new Cotswold Vintners.

    Guests from the world of farming, racing and hunting not only enjoyed the exciting new wines from Vinotopia but were also treated to some new and classic wagyu beef dishes prepared by chef Bob Parkinson from 'Made by Bob' in Cirencester. Wagyu beef is known all over the world for it's outstanding taste and tenderness and Mike Tucker's Newnton herd beef was no different. You can follow the development of his foundation herd on the website as some of Australia's top genetics are arriving shortly to boost the herd's status.

    Mike is also looking to announce shortly a new partnership that could introduce the fabulous wagyu meat to a range of restaurants in the South and West Midlands at affordable prices.

    The testimonials of the meat speak for themselves but the three restaurants that have been selling the meat over some three months have had excellent sales. 'Made by Bob' and 'Soushi', both in Cirencester and 'The Priory Hotel' in Tetbury have all been delighted with the customer's reaction and enthused just how well sales have gone.