The World's best tasting tender Beef

The World's best tasting tender wagyu beef

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“The profile of Wagyu marbled beef is very beneficial to human health.”

Dr. Tim Crow, dietitian and lecturer, Deakin University School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, speaking at the Australian Wagyu Association Conference November 2004

Dr. Crowe said the mono-unsaturated to saturated fat ratio is higher in Wagyu than in other beef.

“But even the saturated fat contained in Wagyu is different. Forty percent is in a version called stearic acid, which is regarded as having minimal impact in raising cholesterol levels. So really, the profile of marbled Wagyu beef is more beneficial to human health. It can be described as a healthier type of beef.”

Wagyu is also higher in a type of fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Dr. Crow said CLA has been shown to have potent anti-carcinogenic properties, as well as being an anti inflammatory agent.

“It has a whole raft of potential health benefits ?reducing heart disease, diabetes and asthma, reducing body fat gain, and increasing the immune system response.”

The best sources of CLA are beef and dairy products. Wagyu cattle contain the highest amount of CLA per gram of any foodstuff ?about 30% more than other beef brands ?due to higher linoleic acid levels.

Dr. Crowe said: “We are not saying, for a moment, that eating lots of CLA in Wagyu is going to cure cancer or diabetes or make you lose weight.”

“However, it can already be said that CLA has a strong potential for human health benefits in the future.”

“By promoting foods naturally high in CLA there are very few negative health effects, but the potential is there for a substantial positive health benefits.”

  • Paddock to Palate taste tests involved a panel of renowned gourmets blind-tasting beef samples from many different producers.

    Wagyu won the paddock to palate taste tests…?br /> ...all of them!

    Wagyu won the Supreme Beef Award in Casino in Adelaide and the GRAND CHAMPION BEEF Grand Final in Brisbane, by very large margins.?/p>

    Clearly there is something very special going on with Wagyu.

    Taste and tenderness are associated with the very special fat in Wagyu, together with the unique fine muscle fiber that is Wagyu.?/p>

    Wagyu beef is finding its way into the repertoires of gourmet cooks and fine restaurants across Australia as their gourmet writers acknowledge its superb qualities.?/p>

    Wagyu genetics have the potential to upgrade the eating qualities of every beef breed.?/p>

    In general, the higher the level of Wagyu genetics in a carcass, the more the delightful qualities of Wagyu is discovered in the eating experience.


    • Wagyu have high marbling, softer fats, higher ratio of unsaturated fats, and above all, flavor.
    • Wagyu meat texture is fine.
    • Wagyu carcasses have a high yield.



    • Wagyu are renowned for their outstanding calving ease, especially across other breeds.
    • Wagyu are very fertile: Bulls have a high serving capacity at a young age and females reach sexual maturity at a young age.
    • Wagyu are versatile in environmental adaptation in Australia, from Tasmania to North Queensland.
    • Wagyu generally have a quiet temperament and are very responsive to quiet handling. They are delightful cattle to work with.
    • Wagyu thrive in feedlots.