The World's best tasting tender Beef

The World's best tasting tender wagyu beef

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One of the most important factors for grading beef quality is ‘marbling’, which refers to the fine white layers of fat that run through lean beef and intensify flavor and tenderness.

The fat in Wagyu has more monounsaturated fats and melts at room temperature, in fact at just 77F (25C), a lower temperature than any other beef, which in turn can make the beef suitable as part of a lower cholesterol diet

This explains why ‘ The Wagyu Beef’ melts in your mouth and is reputed to be the finest and most tender tasting beef in the world.

The AusMeat grading system drew some of its quality standards from the Japanese system. There are similarities between the two grading standards.

  • Quality Assessed Ausmeat Grading Japanese Grading
    Assessment rib 5/6th, 6/7th, 10/11th, 12/13th 6/7th
    Marble Score range 0-9 1-12
    Meat Colour seven grades seven grades
    Fat Colour seven grades seven grades
    Yield Grade --- A, B, C
    Eye Muscle area cms squared cms squared

    Meat Colour, texture and firmness and fat luster/quality may also be assessed. AusMeat marble scores of 10, 11 and 12 are being considered as the number of high quality WAGYU carcasses graded in Australia has increased significantly in recent times.

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    Several genetic markers relating to fat quality have been developed in Japan, and several genetic markers relating to marbling and tenderness have been developed in Australia.


    Now established, this is one of the most significant tools in genetic evaluation of Wagyu sires and dams.

    As AGBU and ABRI produce subsequently refine the development of the Wagyu Group Breed Plan in the light of an ever-increasing flow of data, the usage and accuracy of the plan continues to grow to benefit seed stock producers, commercial producers and feedlotters.

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